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We Need A Little Christmas (Pentatonix)

Christmas Sequence We Need A Little Christmas (Pentatonix) [Paid]

No permission to buy ($21.00)

Spectacle of Light Seq

Sequence Vendor
Spectacle of Light Seq submitted a new sequence:

We Need A Little Christmas (Pentatonix)

A classic Christmas song remade acapella style by Pentatonix. Fun and upbeat, your audience will enjoy this addition to your show. My standard layout has three singing bulbs, however, due to the acapella nature of this song, I have added a alternate group of 4 singing bulbs as an option for importing. You can choose between either the 3 bulb or 4 bulb grouping when mapping. Or you can customize the mapping as you wish as all 4 singing tracks are in the sequence file...

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