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Paid Sequence & Lyrics Greatest Showman- From Now On

Song Name
From Now On - Greatest Showman
Greatest Showman

This song is sure to be a crowd favorite in your lightshow. One of best uplifting and fun songs of the movie. Please note that there are lot of high density props used in this sequence and the master view is crucial to effects looking as they are in the video. I am attaching a list of my model groups and some instructions on play as well. The original song must be either purchased and shown for proof to obtain my edited version or with the use of GarageBand (mac) or other song editing software, one can easily condense the song to the proper length. (its basically cutting song down to 3:59 long from the original by removing the first part of the song).

The video on the matrix can be found here:

Its imperative for several effects to have the display elements correct as I have some layering (esp with model groups at the very bottom of display elements) so order is crucial to proper rendering.

With the mini trees and the flakes you will see I have gone to the most basic level of individual arms or rings etc for many effects so make sure to double click open some items.

You will notice I had to add the movie a few times as the lyrics did not sync right to the end of the song so I actually had to stop the original and restart the same movie another time. Please just upload/direct the movie three times to the three movie effects on the matrix. Note this is on a P5 matrix so it may look different on regular matrix and the settings may have to be manipulated.

The song itself was also cut down to use for this. I bought the original song and on garageband (mac) I edited the song to fit this version. If you are savy enough, it was not hard to do this and it can be done on other free song editing software (audacity maybe?) but I am happy to supply the my edited with proof of purchase of the original song.

Thanks again.

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