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Love it, I was cracking up watching it... It speaks some real truths! :)
Free! Thanks! Great sequence, the grand children will love this...
The author's ability to compliment the music with light sequences elicits an emotional response that we generally don't see in sensory overload shows. This "less is more" technique is effective and well executed. Look forward to seeing how this plays on my boat. Kudos
Thank you. I only have a small display but looks good :)
Thanks so much! I just stumbled on this and absolutely love it!
Adding to my show this year! Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for taking the time to share the feedback with me. Cheers mate.
I would like to see alot more dramatic effects on the megatree.
One of the best sequences I will be using, this sequence is worth using and all you have to do is import effects and add in all the pictures. That's it!
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