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That Christmas Morning Feelin (Curtain Call)

Sequence & Lyrics That Christmas Morning Feelin (Curtain Call)

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Song Name
That Christmas Morning Feelin (Curtain Call)
Ryan Reynolds · Will Ferrell · Octavia Spencer · Tracy Morgan · Patrick Page · Andrea Anders · Marlow Barkley · Jen Tullock · The Spirited Ensemble
From the movie Spirited.
I have used groups as much as possible for the sequence (only my second ever created!)
Music can be downloaded via iTunes/Apple Music or Amazon Music (Make sure to use the Curtian Call version of the song, NOT the long version)

House Recording

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Sequence Video
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Latest reviews

Worked great. Make sure you get the actual Curtain Roll version of the song. I bought the long version on accident. Great folder setup and was easy to add to my brand new setup! Thank you for this! I appreciate your time!
Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad it's worked out! I've gone and updated the description about the song to use now too. Thank you :)
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