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Mary's Boy Child

Paid Sequence Mary's Boy Child

Song Name
Mary's Boy Child
Toby Mac

Groups and single props used with effects.

Sequence includes the following props or groups.

All House
All less Matrix
Columns 1 -4
Columns or Canes
Corners 1-5
Snowflake 640
Snowflake Tower
Garage 1 -2
House Props with Windows
Snowflake Roof
Flood Lights
Matrix 1
Mega Tree
Mega Star
Mini Trees (no stars)
Mini Trees (no stars) 1 - 8
Mini Stars
Mini Stars 1-8
P5 Panel
Sign “Frequency”
Sign “Tune To:”
Trim of Horizontal Lines
Trim Gutter
Vertical Lines
Windows 1 - 4
Wreath 640 (MOAW)
Sequence Video
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