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Downloads that include models

Are there any sequence downloads that include models. I'm new to xlights and I think I can grasp it a lot better if I see how an entire show is set up, including sequence, models, layout image and maybe null controller(s).
they all have models within them in a round about way
some people or venders may add a folder with there models as a file, altho you can open the sequence in temporarily view and then export there models from the layout view
best advice i could give is click around and most definitely right click on the most stupidest of things you'll find a lot of extra fields

on the controllers tab click "change temporarily" and then select the folder of the sequence you wish to view, you will now be viewing the sequence as if you were the person who made it ,eg there layout, controllers, sub models etc
to get back just click "restore permanent" and don't save anything on exit
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