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Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2-Prong Vertically Aligned

Model Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2-Prong Vertically Aligned 2

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Name of prop?
Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2-Prong
"Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2-Prong"

Sold as part of the "ChromaFlakes Prong Pack BULLETS ONLY" package (SKU: CF-24-P-SET)

When you download the model via xLights you get a snowflake model where the snowflake is aligned horizontally vs. vertically. This model aligns the snowflake vertically.

Download path for the horizontal model: Boscoyo Studios, LLC | Christmas | Snowflakes | 24" Snowflakes | ChromaFlakes 24" -- 2 prong

Link to the vertical model: Boscoyo ChromaFlake 24in 2prong 48node Vertical.zip

[Prop Measurements]
48-nodes, 12mm bullet pixels
22.5" diameter measured from coro tip to coro tip.
22" wide from coro tip to coro tip.
20.25" height measured from pixel to pixel
19.25" wide pixel to pixel.

[How to Import]
Start xLights and select "Layout" tab
Click on the "Import" icon.
In the Layout window left click and pull a selection space for where you want to model to be created. Doesn't matter where you can move it when later.
A file window titled "Choose model file" will open. Locate the .xmodel file to import. This will be where you unzipped the downloaded model.
Click the "OK" button and model should be imported.

[Included Files]
"Boscoyo ChromaFlake 24in 2prong 48node Vertical.xmodel"
Xlights model file for 48 node version of the model.

"Boscoyo ChromaFlake 24in 2prong 50node Vertical.xmodel"
Xlights model file. This model has 2 extra nodes since most strings come with 50 pixels. Instead of cutting these off I just use liquid tape to black them out.

"Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2Prong 48node 2.PNG"
Image of snowflake

"Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2Prong 48node vertical wiring view.PNG"
Reverse wiring view of 48 node model captured from xLights.

"Boscoyo Chromaflake 24in 2Prong 50node vertical wiring view.PNG"
Wiring view of 50 node model captured from xLights.

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