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Ghost Riders in the Sky

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Ghost Riders in the Sky

Song Name
Ghost Riders in the Sky
Geoff Castellucci
Ghost Riders in the Sky is a haunting cowboy legend written by Stan Jones in 1948. On October 1st 2022 Geoff Castellucci released a version of the song on YouTube which is used for this xLights sequence. xLights version 2023.06 or higher should be used.

Something new I tried with this sequence is to have the look of fog across the entire display throughout most of the song. On some models such as spiders it is more pronounced and brighter and for others it is intended to be more subtle and dim. I may tweak the brightness after I see it with real lights on my display.

My favorite part of the sequence is when the whole display ignites into flames in time with the song (around 1:55 in the song). It took quite a bit of experimentation with layer blending to get the in-progress effects to transition to fire versions and then back. I'm happy with how it turned out.

The audio for this sequence can be purchased from Amazon here.
The video used in the sequence can be found on YouTube here.

This sequence uses a lot of new groups and submodels for coro props commonly available. It will very likely take some time to prepare your layout with the groups and submodels needed to map the sequence and get the best results. All the models in the layout are downloaded through xLights and no modifications have been made to the wiring order of nodes. However, new submodels have been created and in some cases existing submodels have been modified to change the node order. A mapping guide is included with the sequence to offer some help.

I have shared other sequences using the same layout which are available for free. I recommend reviewing the layout, group composition and submodels from one of those sequences before purchasing this one. Monster Mash is a good example. Below is the list of models/groups with effects to import for this sequence.

I'm happy to help with any questions about mapping this sequence to your display.
Sequence Video
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