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Monster Mash

Sequence & Lyrics Monster Mash

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Song Name
Monster Mash
Geoff Castellucci
This version of Monster Mash is a fun update to a Halloween classic song. This sequence is a collaboration between Paul Irwin and Jim Dayman. The sequence is focused on isolated rhythms of the song and sequencing movement and color change to different instruments. Lots of experimentation with layers and canvas to create some pretty cool effects and color changes. There are singing pumpkins and a tree for coro props and singing faces on matrices. There are two big matrices, one with atmosFx video clips and one without. Videos are not included in the package. There is a mapping guide pdf with links to the videos and music. If you like it and use it in your display we'd love to see how it looks.

Sequence Video
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Paul Irwin
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  2. Monster Mash

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