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Phillips 42" Snowflake single color

Model Phillips 42" Snowflake single color 1

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Name of prop?
Phillips 42" Snowflake single color
Phillips 42" Snowflake "Cool White LED Snowflake Decoration"

"Cool White LED Snowflake Decoration"

Sold by Target around 2010 thru 2012/3ish?

Link to model: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_VoQ9QhgB9CFD4pphXdRO62qFWxvKEPL/view?usp=sharing

90 cool white leds, 15 of which twinkled on white wire.
42" high measured from tip to tip.
36.4" wide.
single channel AC

Another variant with same frame, but with blue and white lights sold by Big Lots when Target stopped. This version had a little controller between the plug and the snowflake controlling multiple effects.

Xlights model: "Phillips 42 inch Snowflake.xmodel"
Video Review:
Image of Box: phillips42inch_snowflake_box.jpg
Image of snowflake: Phillips42inch.jpg
Assembly video:
Video in use:
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