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Star Wars Main Theme Cinematic - Samuel Kim

Paid Sequence Star Wars Main Theme Cinematic - Samuel Kim

Song Name
Star Wars Main Theme Cinematic
Samuel Kim
This is such beautiful music whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, it's really quite captivating. 2021 was our first year with xLights and pixels, so I had no idea what this would look like in 'real life', there is a video link below to our show in 2021 with this sequence. I've made modifications to the sequence so that it is more visually appealing since then, but you get the gist.

*Please note, I cannot change the way the audio drops off at the end of the song* The audio has also been amplified in Audacity so that you can still hear the quiet parts out the front of your house with traffic passing by (original link to the music youtube video also below).

The video included is compiled by me from various Star Wars clips, and can be used on a P5 panel or Virtual matrix etc. The audio/MP4 is not included in the sale price, but can be found in the downloaded zip file, please select the MP4 in place of MP3 audio as your sequence audio. These files are for personal use only and copyright is your responsibility.

Please message me if you have any questions or need any assistance. Mapping is at a group level for easy import.

Sequence video:

First version of sequence on my display

Example of the sequence on Harrington lights display

Original Audio
Sequence Video
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