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Taylor Swift 5 song mash-up

Sequence & Lyrics Taylor Swift 5 song mash-up

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Song Name
Taylor Swift mash up
Taylor Swift
This is a 5 song mash-up that I was originally going to try to have done for Halloween but only got as far as the audio. The colours make it suitable to use for any holiday. This is a minimal mapping sequence. If you don't have the same props, just map the props that are roughly the same size (height/width) to your props and it will work.

Did you know that you can map the same prop twice? Even though the prop might be greyed out on the right (because you have already used it somewhere) just double click it again onto another one of your props.

You might like to play around with some of the chorus lyrics, I was indecisive on which bits to include and not include.

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House Preview Here:

Tay Tay props.JPG


Just Dance Video:
Sequence Video
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Nice sequence! We enjoyed it
Quick Import with Nice effects
Very good sequence! thank you for sharing. My nieces were so excited to see it tonight.
Thank you for offering this for free. Its outstanding work.
Great mash up. Thank you
Free! Thanks! Great sequence, the grand children will love this...
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