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All I Want for Christmas is You (Full Version)

Sequence & Lyrics All I Want for Christmas is You (Full Version)

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Song Name
All I Want for Christmas is You (Full Version)
Mariah Carey
FREE SEQUENCE from Listen To Our Lights "All I Want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey with Singing Trees
Video Preview:
Singing Tree Video Preview:
Multiple singing tree visualization:
Link to Sequence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19S-OGi91bOsvbGGJ3ViKi1TkWtvzNiCN/view?usp=sharing

Xlights Version: 2022.04
Timing: 25 ms
Duration: 241.562

All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey.xsq - This file contains the programming information for the sequence
xlights_rgbeffects.xml - This file contains the layout information for ListenToOurLights display
xlights_networks.xml - This file contains the network information for the ListenToOurLights display
AllIWantForChristmasIsYou-Lyrics.txt - This file contains the text lyrics to the song fed to the autolyrics website
AllIWantforChristmasIsYou-Lyrics.xtiming - This file contains the xlights timing tracks for the Lyrics

[Singing Tree]
Purchased "EFL Singing Tree" with star topper from EFL-Designs.com in December 2021.
Tree has 300 WS2811 bullet pixels and the star topper has 50 pixels for a total of 350 pixels.
Tree model was downloaded from EFL-Designs.com and Star model used xlights native star model.
Star model is configured as 1 string of 50 Nodes/String with 2 layers with an Outer to Inner Ratio of 2.62
Sequence Video
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