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Can I Show You Something

Sequence & Lyrics Can I Show You Something

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Song Name
Can I Show You Something
Chevy Chase, Nicolette Scorsese and Johnny Galecki
FREE SEQUENCE from Listen To Our Lights Talking Trees recreate the awkward "Can I Show You Something" store scene performed by Chevy Chase, Nicolette Scorsese and Johnny Galecki from the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie.
Link to Sequence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GVucXBNF7iXOgsOdkMaSl1w_iVro0xh2/view?usp=sharing
Video Preview (Visualization):

Mary: Can I show you something?
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh, I was just a smelling, smiling, I was just blouse browsing.
Clark Griswold Jr: he he he he he
Mary: For your wife for your girl friend?
Clark Griswold Jr: Ahhh.
Clark Griswold Jr: What? What happened? Oh. Oh. Woof!
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh, I guess it wouldn't be any
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh
Clark Griswold Jr: Wouldn't be the Christmas shopping season if the stores were
Clark Griswold Jr: any less hooter, hotter than they are.
Clark Griswold Jr: Woo. It is warm in here.
Mary: Well you have your coat on.
Clark Griswold Jr: Yes. Oh do I? How did that happen?
Mary: Because its cold out.
Clark Griswold Jr: Yes, yes it is its a bit nipply out.
Clark Griswold Jr: I mean nippy out.
Clark Griswold Jr: ha ha ha ha
Clark Griswold Jr: What am I saying? Nipple?
Clark Griswold Jr: Ha! There is a nip in the air though.
Mary: Can I take something out for you?
Clark Griswold Jr: (laughing)
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh. I just a I was just looking at something for my wife god rest her soul.
Mary: Oh God, I'm so sorry.
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh no, no she's not dead we're just divorced.
Clark Griswold Jr: She's history and obviously she doesn't wear underware
Clark Griswold Jr: and there are plenty of shopping days left until adultries adulthood
Clark Griswold Jr: which is to say Christmas
Clark Griswold Jr: as in Yule, Yule log. Not a log.
Clark Griswold Jr: I don't have a log, but I you know if I had a log
Clark Griswold Jr: not in the sense that you think I said did
Clark Griswold Jr: Oh. Good golly.
Clark Griswold Jr: Tis the season to be merry.
Mary: Well thats my name.
Clark Griswold Jr: No shit?
Mary: These are cut really high on the hip.
Mary: Look I'm wearing something similiar.
Mary: See you can't see the line.
Clark Griswold Jr: Can't see the line can you Russ?
Rusty: Nope.

[Singing Tree]
Purchased "EFL Singing Tree" with star topper from EFL-Designs.com in December 2021.
Tree has 300 WS2811 bullet pixels and the star topper has 50 pixels for a total of 350 pixels.
Tree model was downloaded from EFL-Designs.com and Star model used xlights native star model.
Star model is configured as 1 string of 50 Nodes/String with 2 layers with an Outer to Inner Ratio of 2.62
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