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Christmas Vacation Trailer

Sequence & Lyrics Christmas Vacation Trailer

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Song Name
Radio Commercial (Trailer)
FREE SEQUENCE from Listen To Our Lights Talking Trees perform the movie trailer to the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation movie from the "Official National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 10th Anniversary Movie Soundtrack".
Link to Sequence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IGVHujIAsakg55u4BWNJKJPrGWv5RvA3/view?usp=sharing
Video Preview (Visualization):

"Official National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 10th Anniversary Movie Soundtrack" CD on track 24 titled "Radio Commercial (Trailer)"
Manufacturer:‎ Warner Bros.; LabelWarner Bros. Records (3003234439520); ASIN: B0011E0LXK
There's never been an official release of the Christmas Vacation soundtrack. There were 20,000 numbered CDs of a bootleg soundtrack that were sold at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Normally can be found on eBay.
I converted this track on the CD to an MP3.

Tis the season to be jolly
Fa la la la la, la la la la
After vacationing across America and throughout Europe
Take it Russ
This holiday season the Griswolds are going to play it safe
Clark we're stuck under a truck!
They're staying a home.
I give you the Griswold family Christmas tree
I hope you're not getting sap all over your sweater Clark
All Clark wants is a quiet old fashioned Christmas
Sorry, got a little knot here you work on that
What he's going to get is the gift that keeps on living.
Merry Christmas
His family.
We didn't come to impose
Ah hell there’s plenty of room
Do you sleep with your brother?
Do you know how sick and twisted that is Mom?
Well I'm sleeping with your Father.
Have you got a kiss for me?
Ehh you might want to take a rain check on that Art he's got a lip fungus that ain't identified yet
But no holiday could ever be more deeply touching.
We were going to call, but Eddie wanted to make it a surprise.
If I woke tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now.
Ahhh we're really going to fly down the hill with this stuff.
So genuinely moving.
Can I refill your eggnog for you?
Drive you out to the middle of nowhere, leave you for dead?
More truly uplifting
Can I show you something?
I was just blousing, browsing
Or more down to earth.
Merry Christmas
If santa is smart he'll well clear of this joint, its a death trap
Whoa Ho
Who who who
Than Christmas with the Griswolds
Everybody come out quick look at the lights
They want you to say grace
I pledge allegiance to the flag
of the United States of America
This year let Chevy Chase light up your holidays.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
If that thing had nine lives he just spent them all.
he he he
Crack up.

[Singing Tree]
Purchased "EFL Singing Tree" with star topper from EFL-Designs.com in December 2021.
Tree has 300 WS2811 bullet pixels and the star topper has 50 pixels for a total of 350 pixels.
Tree model was downloaded from EFL-Designs.com and Star model used xlights native star model.
Star model is configured as 1 string of 50 Nodes/String with 2 layers with an Outer to Inner Ratio of 2.62
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