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Eclipse 6 Santa Style - 2017

Sequence Eclipse 6 Santa Style - 2017

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Song Name
Eclipse 6 Santa Style - 2017
Eclipse 6
This 4:20 min sequence was put together very quickly (in 2hrs) because I loved the mix of songs and needed a break from our current nightly playlist 😁

It is an All Display sequence, so only 1 thing to map!

But this means it is VERY resource intensive, this may not work on all PC's - if the sequence doesn't work it is because of the render times and resources required and I cannot help you in that respect.

Hopefully it works for you, and your ears can thank-you for the new tunes in your show.

Original clip:
Sequence Video
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Thank you, such a great sequence!
love it thank you so much
Great job!!! And so easy to map to our houses!!
That was awesome
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