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Ho Ho Ho - Sia

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Ho Ho Ho - Sia

Song Name
Ho Ho Ho
This sequence is from the 2023 Bridgeport's Brightest Lights Christmas light show and features the song Ho Ho Ho by Sia. The sequence includes a lyric track and all the elements listed below.

The audio is not included with the sequence files but can be found on YouTube or purchased!

Xlights preview video:

Real life video:

The display is set up in Xlights in 3D and includes the following:
6 Snowflakes
3 Singing bulbs
5 Arches
4 Window outlines
2 Floodlights
70 Peace stakes
4 Candy Canes
5 mini trees with stars
1 Door outline
1 Roof outline
1 Garage outline
1 24-strand Megatree with star
1 Wreath
a single LED and dmx model (not shown in the video but is used to control wireless LED bracelets)
a tune to sign (However it is a custom model and isn't synced to the show)
and groups for almost everything

If you have any trouble or there are missing files, please email me at bridgeportsbrightestlights@gmail.com and I'll respond as soon as possible.
Sequence Video
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