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Hurricane Ian Preset Effect

Effects Hurricane Ian Preset Effect

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Whole House
Hurricane Ian effect Preset for xLights
Video Preview:
Preset Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BC6dtGHiQlD7TkZvqEsB4auncbtDsEL0/view?usp=sharing

Need a hurricane effect for a hurricane that keeps changing directions on doppler radar?

Made with xLights version 2022.15

"Hurrican Ian.xpreset" - Saved xLights effect preset
IanValueCurve.xvc - value curve for the x-axis movement


Black shape effect on top of white pinwheel, on top of black pinwheel, on top of a butterfly effect made to look like doppler radar.

Pinwheels using value curves to move. The x-axis movement value curve is save as "IanValueCurve.xvc". The y-axis movement is just a built in value cruve.

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John Storms
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Website: http://listentoourlights.com
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