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Jingle Bells Conference Call

Sequence & Lyrics Jingle Bells Conference Call

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Song Name
Jingle Bells Conference Call
John Storms
Jingle Bells Conference Call

FREE SEQUENCE from Listen To Our Lights "Jingle Bells Conference Call" by John Storms using NVIDIA's "Ready Access by Level 3 Communications" conferencing system.
Link to Sequence: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10Jn3J5B817tlj31FA8y57-h0MpO9jxXf/view?usp=sharing
Video Preview:
xLights Visualization:
LOR Video Preview (2015):

Xlights Version: 2022.24 64-bit
Timing: 25 ms (40 fps)
Duration: 59.380s

"Conference Call - John Storms.xsq" - This file contains the xLights programming information for the sequence
xlights_rgbeffects.xml - This file contains the layout information for ListenToOurLights display
xlights_networks.xml - This file contains the network information for the ListenToOurLights display
Images/layout_guide.PNG - image describing xLights layout groups used to sequence this song
images/nvidia.JPG - NVIDIA Logo used in xLights sequence
Videos/greenparticles3.mp4 - Video used in xLights sequence
NVConf_from2015LMS.xmap - xLights mapping file used to import LMS sequence into xLights
STORMS2015_NVIDIA_ConfCall.lms - Light-O-Rama S4 version of the sequence

[Contact Info]
Sequence Author: John Storms
Email: listentoourlights@gmail.com
Youtube: http://youtube.com/listentoourlights <-- please subscribe
Website: Listen To Our Lights
Facebook: Listen to our Lights

Music is included in the .zip file for this sequence. The hold music and voice is from "Ready Access by Level 3 Communications" and the rest is from me.

"Conference Call" by John Storms using "Ready Access by Level 3 Communications" conferencing system.

Song Link: <stub>
Original filename: "<stub>"
Original MP3 was not modified.
Put mp3 file in the Audio subdirectory

Using Moises.ai | Mastering & Audio Extraction App powered by AI to break out tracks (Drums, Bass, Other)
Used moises.ai to help breakdown song.

124 beats per minute in Eb major.

Used Auto Lyrix Align to import the MP3 and Lyrics to generate a Audacity File .txt that was then directly imported into xlights as a timing track

[Layout Notes]
Display contains 2 megatrees with matrixes encircling the trunks, 13 white wire twig trees in a treeline, 9 reindeer and sleigh, pixel icicle lights, a mess of coro snowflakes, and a pixelized cactus.

See Images/layout_guide.PNG for layout information.
G1 - refers to the one car garage
G2 - refers to the two car garage
T1 - refers to the left side of the house (left peak and below)
T2 - refers to the middle part of the house (there's a bathroom here)
T3 - refers to the right side of the house (right peak and below)
_ - Group names start with underscore
Goto "Display Elements" and select "ListenToOurLights" view and set to be master view.

You may need to update the path information in certain effects (shader, picture, etc.). The following were used in this sequence:

Videos/greenparticles3.mp4 - Video used in xLights sequence
Media obtained from:
Used Adoble Elements 15 to make hue greener

images/nvidia.JPG - NVIDIA Logo used in xLights sequence

Welcome to the NVIDIA conference center
(more beeping)
your conference will begin when the chairperson arrives
please wait
(Hold Music)
You will now be placed into conference.
John Storms in Austin
Anyone on the call?
(Jingle Bells on a phone pad)

[Singing Tree]
Purchased "EFL Singing Tree" with star topper from EFL-Designs.com in December 2021.
Tree has 300 WS2811 bullet pixels and the star topper has 50 pixels for a total of 350 pixels.
Tree model was downloaded from EFL-Designs.com and Star model used xlights native star model.
Star model is configured as 1 string of 50 Nodes/String with 2 layers with an Outer to Inner Ratio of 2.62

[3D Model]
ArrowWood 4199578.obj/.mtl was created with SketchUp Pro 2021 version 21.0.339 64-bit (Free Evaluation) using a .skp file generated by Hover app as input.
squarebush*.obj/mtl was created using Blender v2.79b
bigtree.obj/mtl was created using Blender v2.79b
Defined ruler with G2 Garage width = 190.75"
Sequence Video
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