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Shake Up Christmas - Train

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Shake Up Christmas - Train

Song Name
Shake Up Christmas
This sequence features the song Shake Up Christmas by Train and includes lyric tracks.
The song is not included with the sequence files but can be found on YouTube or purchased!

Xlights preview video:

The display is set up in Xlights in 3D and includes the following:
6 Snowflakes
3 Singing bulbs
4 Arches
4 Window outlines
2 Floodlights
70 Peace stakes
1 Door outline
1 Roof outline
1 Garage outline
1 24-strand Megatree
1 Megatree star
and groups for almost everything

If you have any trouble or there are missing files, please email me at bridgeportsbrightestlights@gmail.com and I'll respond as soon as possible.
Sequence Video
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