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ZombieStruck (Zombie and Thunderstruck mash-up)

Paid Sequence & Lyrics ZombieStruck (Zombie and Thunderstruck mash-up)

Song Name
ZombieStruck - Zombie and Thurnderstuck mashup
The Cranberries & ACDC
This is a fun Halloween sequence that starts slow and builds. This sequence is strictly for personal use only. The images used in the sequence are freely available on the internet, however you are responsible for any copyright. The MP4 file is used as the sequence audio and can double as a video on a virtual, or large matrix. The Mp4 video/audio is a free compilation that will have the kids following along to the Just Dance moves and dancing on your driveway.

Effects are predominantly in groups for ease of import. Please message me if you require any assistance with mapping.

Preview of a large display

Preview of a small display (with included Dance video)

On my display: 'ZombieStruck' - Zombie and Thunderstruck mash up | By Lights on Parker ave | Facebook (excuse the pumpkin with some broken pixels)
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