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Bones by Imagine

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Bones by Imagine

Song Name
Imagine Dragons
“Bones” by Imagine Dragons release March 11, 2022

I’ve sequenced a few songs by Imagine Dragons. Bones is my favorite one so far. I did this one on a layout I played with for my cousin’s home. He just happens to live in Gilbert, Arizona so this layout is all Gilbert Engineering props. It’s too bad my cousin would never spend the time it takes to do it. My home is far too small to fit this many props onto. Doing a sequence with this many HD Props takes a LOT more time. I enjoyed the challenge.

Some sequence effects may differ if you have multiple of the same prop. Adjust as necessary. Message me if you purchase and have any issues. Also, I did not include the song video on this for the Matrix. I have it on my home. Therefore, there are no effects on the Matrices. Fun video if you have a matrix, I suggest downloading it and adding.

Props in this sequence:
GE Preying Spiders
GE Ghosts Jr
GE Rosa Grande
GE Rosa Wreath
GE Grand Illusion
GE Dazzler
GE Steampunk Spinner.
GE Large Web
GE RIP Tombstones
GE Evil Clown
GE Mega Skull
GE Singing Pumpkin
GE WidowMaker
GE Double Arches.
GE Bats
GE Icicles
Windows (Verticals and horizontals)
Flood Lights
Pixel Poles
House Outline / Verticals / Horizontals

The audio and MP4 video is not included in the sale price. The audio can be found here:
Sequence Video
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