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Shout At the Devil by Motley Crue

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Shout At the Devil by Motley Crue

Song Name
Shout at the Devil
Motley Crue
I hope this doesn’t start a controversy. I in no way encourage devil worshiping. I promise no pentagrams in this sequence.

However, for a Halloween song it seems to work. I have been listening to Motley Crue since way back in the 1980’s. This seemed like a good song to sequence. It’s fast. I highly suggest 40 FPS.

Props in this sequence:
GE Preying Spiders
GE Rosa Grande
GE Grand Illusion
GE Kings Ransom
Boscoyo RIP Tombstones
GE Evil Clown
GE Mega Skull
GE Singing Pumpkin
GE WidowMaker
GE Double Arches
Windows (Verticals and horizontals)
Flood Lights
Pixel Poles
House Outline / Verticals / Horizontals

The audio and MP4 video is not included in the sale price. The audio can be found here:

Sequence Video
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