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Once there was a Snowman

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Once there was a Snowman

Song Name
Once there was a Snowman
InsideOut A Cappella
This compilation of well known songs turned into a song about a snowman will have your audience toe tapping and giggling. This is a simple sequence, easy import at group level, and an audience favourite in our show last year.

Sequence notes:
  1. If your matrix is not dense enough to display the video it is recommended you map the mega tree (small or large depending on your matrix size) to your matrix instead of the matrix model.
  2. Audio and video is included in the zip file (not part of the sale price), however copyright remains your responsibility.
  3. When importing the sequence it is recommended to use the Zip file method so that the singing faces & shaders etc come across nicely. Boscoyo ChromaBulb 46 Standing is the Main lyrics and Boscoyo ChromaBulb 46 Standing_2 is the Chorus. Both Lyric tracks are included.
Please reach out if you have any questions.

Example on Harrington Lights display

Example on our display
Sequence Video
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Latest updates

  1. Props used in this sequence

    Props used in this sequence
  2. Updated audio file

    There is a sentence in the song "you've got coal on your face", where 'coal' sounds like a...

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Thanks so much for all the work you have put into these. I have had no time to create new content this year and your sequences have allowed me to add some new material quickly. You sequences are easy to overlay onto the models I have and your model selection allows for a lot of variation
Sequences by Mel
Sequences by Mel
Thanks so much for the feedback, it's really heart-warming to hear. I do try very hard to make it easy to import as I know it can be overwhelming especially for new people.
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