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Happily Ever After Magic Kingdom version Disney mash up

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Happily Ever After Magic Kingdom version Disney mash up

Song Name
Happily Ever After Magic Kingdom - Disney mash up incl: Part of Your world, Tigger, Be our Guest, A whole new world, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, You're Welcome, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Hakuna Matata
Various artists
I am super excited to release this sequence: Disney’s Happily Ever After – Magic Kingdom version. It includes 9 Disney favourites and is a tribute to the nightly Fireworks show at Disney World. Mapping is at a group level for easy import.

The video and audio are compiled by me, and are included in the download – you accept responsibility for any copyright.

I will also be updating the sequence with the Holiday House wheel to include the singing face. A chorus lyric track is now also included - which is Mapped to ChromaBulb 46 Standing-2

Please refer to the mapping suggestions & feel free to message me if you have any questions or need any assistance.

My sequences are free for xLights Dev's & Zoom room hosts, please send me a message via Facebook to obtain a copy (for identity verification).

Sequence Preview video

On our display

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Thankyou to Harrington Lights display & Boydaw Rd Lights for uploading this on their shows
Sequence Video
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Latest updates

  1. Updated Video Link to full screen

    Updated video can be found here: Happily Ever After Full Screen 720p.mp4

Latest reviews

Great sequence!!
Absolutely stunning sequence and so easy to map. Even with props such as the BOAW which aren't included, I found it very easy to map other models to it and it looked fantastic!
You've got a skill Mel, looking forward to seeing your future releases.
Great Sequence!
Mel this is unbelievable. Wonderful job. It mapped beautiful. Thank you so much for your awesome work.
unbelievable work!!!!!!
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