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Tommee Profitt - We Three Kings

Paid Sequence & Lyrics Tommee Profitt - We Three Kings

Song Name
We Three Kings
Tommee Profitt

To make importing easier, groups were used for nearly every effect.

Sequence includes the following props/groupings:
PPD GeoWreath
GE Rosa Grande
GE Rosa Wreath
EFL Showstopper Spinner
EFL Showstopper Snowflake
EFL Singing Star
Boscoyo ChromaCane99
Boscoyo DIYC Tree
EFL Mini NSR tree
10x10x10 Peace Stakes/Pixel Forest
32x100 Megatree
Megatree Star

Sequence includes the following two lyric tracks:
Male Vocals
Female Vocals

Sequence video & .XSQ file format export files created with Xlights 2023.20 64bit.

The mp3 used for this sequence must be purchased separately through Amazon @ Amazon.com
Sequence Video
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  1. Tommee Profitt - We Three Kings v1.1

    I added this sequence to my personal show this year and it just wasn't popping the way it did in...

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Mapped perfectly to my props. I needed a sequence for Epiphany and this was exceptional. Thank you very much for sharing your professional sequencing abilities. Philip
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