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2023 XLATW Reject Bundle

Paid Sequence & Lyrics 2023 XLATW Reject Bundle

Song Name
The Elf Song, Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Christmas Morning Feelin, We Three Kings
Crowder, Alxxa, Spirited, Tommee Proffitt
All four 2023 XLATW Rejects in one magical bundle!

To make importing easier, groups were used for nearly every effect.

Sequences include the following props/groupings:
PPD GeoWreath
GE Rosa Grande
GE Rosa Wreath
EFL Showstopper Spinner
EFL Showstopper Snowflake
EFL Singing Star
Boscoyo ChromaCane99
Boscoyo DIYC Tree
EFL Mini NSR tree
10x10x10 Peace Stakes/Pixel Forest
32x100 Megatree
Megatree Star

All sequences include lyric tracks
Sequence video & .XSQ file format export files created with Xlights 2023.13 64bit.

The mp3 used for this sequence must be purchased separately through Amazon:
BE CERTAIN YOU CHOOSE THE CURTAIN CALL VERSION OF THE Spirited Christmas Morning Feelin SONG (Currently track #11)
Sequence Video
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